Soft Skills TrainingExperiential learning

In today’s world, where competition is high and every individual is trying to differentiate himself/herself from others, the right attitude and skillset apart from the technical know-how becomes important. We, at Knowise, understand that imparting only the technical skills is half work done. Soft skills play an equally important role in building the complete personality of individuals who are then able to give their best in any organization and help the organization grow. We have hence started training in various soft skills modules that can immensely help organizations.

Soft skills can be highly specialized and require faculty who can clearly pass on the message and engage the crowd to ensure the learning is imparted correctly. All our soft skills faculties come with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the domain and have played a big role in turning organizations into profit centers through transforming the employees to achieve greater success. Our soft skills trainings are role play based and we also conduct workshops using theatre techniques for higher impact.

Our Soft skill modules include the following and can be customized based on client requirement:

  • These workshops are designed to cover different aspects of business communication by understanding behavior required at work, how to handle corporate image with customers, Improve communication with the internal and external world etc.


  • This workshop focuses on managing time effectively to be most productive at work. We use SMART goals methodology, eliminating time wasters, work flow prioritization, energy management, etc.

  • Presentation skills are very important in today’s work environment where we focus on how to prepare and deliver effective presentations, importance of body language, self-confidence etc.

  • This workshop focuses on how to develop interest in others view, how to refrain from interrupting, paying attention to body language, being patient etc.

  • This workshop focuses on improving communication of the candidates across different mediums to ensure they are effectively working with the co-workers. The workshop includes e-mail etiquettes, customer communication, Business communication, Networking skills, crisis management through right communication etc.

  • This workshop focuses on identifying leadership styles, Lead a team by example, identify the team functions and assign appropriate roles, manage conflicts within a team, conduct effective team meetings etc.

  • This workshop focuses on how to win clients, what should be your negotiation strategy, ground work preparation before any negotiation, how to close a deal, how to evaluate the negotiation etc.


For CFPCM regular pathway training program, we launch a new batch every month. The enrollment process is completed via email or in the office premises of Knowise. Upon enrollment, we would take the candidate through the basic concepts of Time value of money using excel and introduction to financial planning module.