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Training as a career is something that we chose due to the sheer passion for the craft. We, at Knowise, truly believe that skill enhancement is a lifelong process and regular upgrade helps individuals and organizations excel in their field.  We are a financial training organization that helps individuals enhance their skills and exceed in the financial services domain.

Finance domain is an ocean where endless opportunities are available to those who are willing to experiment and take risks. We are corporate finance trainers who help such people enhance their skills and improve their overall understanding of the subject.

Our USP lies in simplifying the most complex concept and making the participant understand the “ why” and not just the “how”. Finance trainings require the technical aspects to be conveyed not just from a conceptual point of view, but also from a practical point of view. Our finance training modules for corporates use case studies, role plays and real time calculations to ensure the participants grasp the concept quickly and relate to it in their work. All our trainers come with vast industry experience and  are well versed in handling their subjects from a practical point of view.  

Our Corporate finance training modules are listed below. The content for these trainings can be customized based on the client requirement.

•  Overview of Indian Financial System

• Understanding capital markets

• Equity markets & mutual funds

• Debt markets & debt mutual funds

• Understanding Life & General insurance

• Construction of portfolio and management

• Overview of equity market

• Equity as an Asset Class

• Products and participants in equity market

• Indices and benchmark

• Equity Mutual funds

• Types of Equity funds

• Measuring the risk and performance

• Product positioning

• Overview of Indian Debt Market, Debt Instruments

• Credit Risk & Ratings

• Yield Curve & Term Structure of Interest rates

• Interest Rate Risk & Duration

• Macro economic factors influencing the debt markets

• Valuation of bonds

• Understanding debt Mutual Funds

• Reading and understanding debt fund fact sheet – Case studies

• Types and selecting of debt fund

• Positioning of debt funds

• Genesis & Design of Indian Derivative Market

• Unstructured Derivative Market in India

• Derivative Terminologies

• Using Futures in Hedging Arbitrage & Speculation

• Margin A/c, MTM & Settlement Methods

• Types of Options – Call & Put Options

• Put Call Ration & its Significance

• Covered Call Writing

• Option Strategies & their payoff diagrams

• Discussion on real time scenario

• Derivatives & Taxation

• Equity derivatives

• Investment Advisory ( Level 1 & Level 2)

• Securities Markets Foundation

• Mutual Fund Foundation Certification

  • Build a financial model from scratch as done at financial institutions
  • Understanding  valuation and Dividend Discount Model
  • Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) & Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)
  • Calculate the Discount Rate using cost of capital
  • Preparation of DCF Model
  • Equity Value Multiples: P/E, P/CF, P/BV, P/S, PEG, Dividend Yield
  • Perform Trading Multiples analysis – EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, EV/Sales
  • Perform Transaction Multiples analysis – EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, EV/Sales
  • • Concepts of mutual fund

    • Structure of Mutual funds, Legal & Regulatory environment and Offer Document

    • Distribution & Channel management practices and Investor Services

    • Accounting, Valuation and Taxation

    • Assessing returns, risk and risk adjusted returns

    • Positioning of funds

    • Investment products

    • Financial planning

    • History of Financial Planning

    • Need for Financial Planning

    • Life & Wealth Cycle 

    • Asset Allocation Strategies

    • HNI Clients & Wealth Management

    • Portfolio Management Services

    • Stages in Financial Planning (from Questionnaire to review of Financial Plan)

    • Financial Planning - Retirement, Investment, Estate etc

    • Introduction to investment banking

    • Equities and fixed income

    • Derivatives and risk regulation

    • Life cycle of a trade

    • Different offices and their functions/roles

    • Parties involved

    • End of Day processing

    • Understanding Lead and Lag Macro Economic Indicators

    • GDP – Composition

    • Inflation, Foreign Exchange & Monetary Policy

    • Balance of Payments – Current Account Deficit

    • Government Fiscal Policy & Fiscal Deficit

    • Industrial Data – IIP, PMI etc

    • Foreign Investment – FDI, FII & ECB etc

    • Understanding basic  terminologies in accounting

    • Reading financial statements – Income statement, Balance sheet, cash flow statement

    • Financial statement analysis – ratio analysis

    • Indirect taxes

    • Basics of costing and transfer pricing

    • Long range planning and budgeting

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